Workshop on mitigation of CO2 emissions by the agricultural sector

October 3rd-4th, 2011

This workshop was financed through a research project with the Research Council of Norway entitled “Strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Norwegian agriculture”. Some of the researchers involved are David Blandford (Penn State University, USA), Ivar Gaasland (SNF, Norway) and Erling Vårdal (UiB, Norway). The main objective of the project is to assess cost efficient ways of reducing GHG emissions and sequestering atmospheric carbon by the Norwegian agricultural sector. Norway has taken a pro-active role in the debate on climate change and this project is intended to contribute to the design of future Norwegian policies in this field. As part of the project, an existing model of the Norwegian agricultural sector will be used to evaluate various approaches to reducing CO2 emissions in Norwegian agricultural production and to enhancing carbon sequestration.

In addition to generating research directly relevant to Norwegian agriculture, the collaborators on the project are interested in assembling a broader body of research on CO2 mitigation and sequestration in agriculture, focusing on Europe and North America, with a view to publication of an edited volume by a major publishing house.

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